Top Rated Auto Tools

Like everything else in today’s society, cars have become more technically reliant, and thus more complex to work on. However, with the proper auto tools, a great deal of work can be done in your home garage, not only saving money on repair bills, but also providing you with the satisfaction of knowing you’ve accomplished a job well done. If you regularly work on your car at home, your garage should be stocked with a number of essential auto tools to make your tasks easier. Here’s a list of some of the automotive tools you can buy online so you’re prepared for almost any auto repair needed.Do you want to learn more? Visit towing rosenberg tx.

-Ratcheting Box Wrenches

You’ll save time, effort, frustration, and trips back and forth to the toolbox with a set of ratcheting box wrenches. Preferably, you should purchase these auto tools with toggles that permit ratcheting in both directions. With all types of configurations on car parts, it is best to look for wrenches that have slightly flared or bent ends, so that you can work on your repair at nearly every angle.


Useful for diagnosing nearly everything and anything electrical on a car, a sophisticated, multi-function voltmeter is a must-have in terms of auto tools. Electrical system analysis is a classic task in many car repairs, and being adept at using the voltmeter can help you quickly find a short or loose connection. Power probes with built in voltmeters are the most useful type for auto work.

-Acetylene Torch

You might want to have a number of different automotive tools for welding, but the acetylene torch, whether a full-sized or fairly portable rig, will give you the ability to cut through sheet metal or perform delicate soldering tasks. For the most versatility, look for a torch that features self-lighting, snap on / off tips, and built-in safety features. Additionally, keep a mini torch nearby for those small and hard to reach jobs.

-Air Ratchet

Every garage of an at-home mechanic needs a complete array of air-powered auto tools, including an air ratchet. Air tools reduce effort needed by hand tools and can speed up removing and attaching connectors to parts. Air ratchets give you the ability to tighten bolts much tighter that you are able to by hand, as well. A variety of tools are available to run off your compressed air supply, but the air ratchet should be your first acquisition.

-Work Light

You can’t work if you can’t see, and a flexible, long length work light is essential; owning more than one is ideal. Florescent and LED equipped lights will provide the greatest illumination and have bulbs that last the longest amount of time. Variations include lights on long cords with hooks to hang off the rafters, hood, or trunk, and versions that are more fixed in nature, on swiveling arms.

-Hydraulic Jack

With any automotive repair work, you’ll need a hydraulic jack to work on your car. Available in many different capacities, small jacks are rated for a couple of tons, and larger ones will lift up to twenty tons. There are different versions to work on engine blocks, or be placed under axles for lifting one or both sides of your car or truck.

Benefits of VSI Auto Insurance

VSI stands for Vehicle Single Interest and the auto insurance related to it is a blanket auto insurance meant for lenders, which consists of many flexible programs that cover different kinds of risks like repossessed property, physical damage, non-filing of errors, skip, omissions etc. This program is known to offer coverage for loans that already exist as well as for those that are about to be processed. The other benefits offered by VSI Auto Insurance and some of its key features are as follows:

-Lenders who buy this insurance policy from an online service provider will be exempted from keeping tabs on their insurance and continuing to follow things up.

-This insurance policy is also known to offer optional coverage, which may be comprised of risk assumption, repossession expensive reimbursement, mechanic’s lien etc.

-The premiums that a lender will have to pay will depend on a portfolio’s outstanding balance or the loans that are granted each month.

-By negotiating with their insurance provider, those keen on buying a VSI auto insurance policy can pitch for low deductibles and they may even be allowed to offer other kinds of collateral. The time span for loan coverage can be extended and allowed to be long enough.

-VSI is normally associated with vehicles like motorcycles and boats but it can actually become applicable in the case of any wheeled vehicle or watercraft that is about to be financed.

-Tangible property coverage is a key feature of VSI auto insurance. Tangible property coverage is comprised of a lender’s interest into a tangible property that is more commonly known as collateral. For instance, if someone buys a motorcycle for $6,000 and borrows a loan for half of the total amount, the coverage amount will be just $3,000 if the motorcycle sustains any damage. Only the lender will be given the right to file a claim for their loss with their VSI insurance provider and the buyer gets nothing.

-The other key feature of VSI insurance is default/credit loss, which helps in ensuring that the one who buys a vehicle pays their part of the loan completely and does not become a defaulter. When a buyer actually defaults on their loan payments and their vehicle is repossessed, the lender will be given the right to approach their VSI insurance provider and make a claim for reimbursement for their part of the loan. The amount that the lender will receive will be no more than what the property is worth at the time of repossession, minus the payment done by the borrower.

For this type of coverage, the lender generally pays a monthly premium to the insurer. In some states, however, lenders are given the liberty to transfer the costs to buyers either in the monthly installments or the origination fee. In this case, the buyer gets nothing.

Lenders who opt for VSI insurance are required that they disclose this information to buyers prior to the point of sale. The VSI insurance cost, however, cannot be incorporated into the loan amount that will eventually be financed for a borrower.

With exceptionally good features to boast of, it will not be wrong to say that VSI auto insurance is nothing less than a boon for lenders.

Auto Insurance Rates

Auto insurance is a necessary expense that helps protect you from having to make huge payments in case your car ever gets into a collision. You’ll need to choose a plan from one of the Best Auto Insurance Companies in the business so that you get the cover you need without having to spend a great deal of money. You do need to compare auto insurance rates so that you sign up with the best possible plan. Be sure to consider the following features when making your selection:

-What all does the Independent Insurance Agents policy cover? For starters, you need to get the minimum coverage required in your state. The amount of coverage necessary varies according to the state you live in. In case you are very wealthy then you should consider getting sufficiently high liability coverage so that your assets are protected. Do also check whether the policy covers all sorts of damage or else you’ll end up paying for repairs and replacements out of pocket. Most policies do not cover any damage arising from natural accidents.

Does the insurer set unacceptable terms and conditions? If your insurer expects you to use pre-approved repair shops only then you might not be pleased with the results. You might also be compelled to buy replacement parts that are not to your liking. It goes without saying that you’ll be able to get the best service from a mechanic of your own choice.

-Check if the insurance company accepts internet payments. This will help you save a great deal of time since you’ll be able to make payments at any time of your convenience and from the comfort of your home.

Does the company handle complaints and claims without delay? If you have to wait very long to get your payments released then you have not chosen the right company. Keep in mind that you’ll need to have your car repaired as soon as possible after an accident or else your mobility will be severely restricted. It is very important to deal with an insurance company that offers excellent customer service so that you don’t have to spend a lot of time following up with the company.

-Check for willingness to reduce prices. There are plenty of good American Auto Insurance companies to choose from and most of them will vie for your business. You’ll therefore be able to get them to drop rates considerably.

Make sure that you always use a reputable insurance company that has high ratings. If you go with an unreliable company then you might have problems getting payments or other services that have been committed to you. Further, money should never be the most important criterion when you make your selection.